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KUZHAL KONNA / Operculina turpethum / Turpeth Root

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A plant in the morning glory family, Operculina turpethum is known commonly as turpeth, fue vao, and St. Thomas lidpod. It is perennial herbaceous, hairy vines growing 4 to 5 meter in length, endemic to India. It is commonly found in North Circars and Deccan region up to 3000 ft. The leaves are alternate, very variable in shape, ovate, oblong and truncate or cordate at the base. The flowers are large, axillary and solitary. The fruit is a capsule with conspicuously enlarged sepals and thickened pedicles. It is commonly known as Indian Jalap, St. Thomas lidpod, transparent wood rose, turpeth root, white day glory 
• Hindi: nisoth, panila,pitohri 
• Kannada: aluthi gida, bangada balli, bilitigade, devadanti, nagadanti 
• Malayalam: tigade 
• Arabic turbuth: It is actually not a purgative but a mild laxative

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